Researching low profile solar panels

JB Duler


I have a unique setup, an arch in front of the mizzen mast where 19W flexible solar panels were installed maybe 20 years ago. They are dead.

  1. I want to explore low profile rigid panels (the boom swings above it) as I do not think I can fit normal panels with regular height.
    1. Any of you have had experience with low profile panels? I would prefer low profile panels instead of flexible panels (but if I find nothing I may revert to flexible panels).
    2. The dimensions of the arch are 245 cm * 51 cm
  2. I can install a rigid or flexible panel on the rigid dodger where I can fit 45 cm * 135 cm
  3. I am also exploring adding side panels mounted on the Swedish system we recently discussed (Thanks Danny and Greg for the tips!)
  4. Any brand or dealer you would recommend?

The boat is based near Barcelona. Where is a good source to get panels in Europe? I know where to go in the US but not in Europe.

Thanks again for the help,
John Bernard "JB" Duler
San Francisco
Meltem # 19, Western Med

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