Re: Air in the cooling system of CLIMMA Aircon

Nick Newington

I do not think you can have air in the sea water cooling system if the other two units work. The cooling is one circuit, sea water into pump then flows through each aircon compressor one after another with the final one being in the port forward cabin and out over the side.
Your problem in the aft cabin is something else, possibly low refrigerant?  Or something else…hard to say….
S/Y Amelia 
AML 54-019
Leros Gr

On 25 Sep 2021, at 20:00, Lior Keydar <lior246@...> wrote:


Thank you a lot for the advice. Actually, I don't find any water filter at the aircon. It is also very hard/impossible to see something at the backside of the aircon.


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