Re: Need to align C-Drive to Engine - Santorin currently North side of Sicily

Davi Rozgonyi

Yes! I had this done in palermo 3 years ago after a hack job mech in mallorca failed to do it right and trashed my vetus coupling rubbers in a few hundred miles. Limped in, found Gabriele Galizzi, at nautica Galizzi, in palermo old port. He had never done one before but I showed him the specs to make the alignment tool (you need this tool without question), he whipped it up in an hour, and did the job fast and well. 3 years on, many hundreds of miles motored, perfect. Great young guy (son of owner). Can't say enough about gabri. One of the few good guys out there. If you go to him, stay next door at sitimar. Also a great young guy, cheapest, friendliest, knows gabri, no worries.

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