Re: Buying an Amel

Michael Winand

Maybe you could let us know what model you are looking for? 
Michael Nebo sm251,

Some  times you will have to upgrade systems , rigging, electronics,  apart from the costs it's all time consuming.
How long will you own the amel?
If this is a long term relationship, you will likely need to make updates to most of the systems. 
Not many people will have everything in Bristol ,as new, when the time comes to sell,  

When looking at what is available now,  I will try to find out,  current owner length of ownership.  Type of use.  Last upgrades done, if any.  
We purchased 3 years ago, some issues were lack of use   previous owner of 10 years put 300 hours on the engine,  water maker had only been used for 187 hours. 
Sailed from Europe to West Coast of America then Australia. 
I have serviced most of the systems in the past years. 
Still too doo the mast furling boxes.
This is a very well designed and constructed yacht   Amel used alot of their own systems and they are designed to be rebuilt and repaired.
Good luck in your search. 

On Mon, 27 Sep 2021, 5:17 am Trevor Lusty, <trevlusty@...> wrote:
Hi Paul,
            You have it all with Joel and Bill. Olivier to survey.  Even more importantly, what little these guys don't know, they have immediate resource available to fill the gaps.
Coupled with the generosity of spirit that you will find here, there is no need to reinvent the wheel.
Best regards,

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