Re: Air in the cooling system of CLIMMA Aircon

Arno Luijten

For our boat I have changed the Climma’s for Frigomar Inverter units ( A huge improvement. They use less power, have no startup surge and are more quiet during operation. The rear unit (10k BTU) was a bit tricky to install because of the water connections but by using some 90 degree elbows and shortening the pipes I was able to install it quite handsomely.
I replaced the rear and the center one with Frigomar, the center one is now 16kBTU. The front one was taken from the center as that one was replace just before I bought the boat with a Webasto 9k model. I find this one not very well build. Whoever came up with the idea to use a fan with steel blades in a A/C unit should have his head examined as its rusting away as we speak.

Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

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