Re: Fresh Water Leak At Aft Head


Hi, all,
I now have a fresh water leak into the bilge inboard of the aft head, too.  We've also noticed the fresh water pump running for a few seconds every couple of hours.  There has never been water found in the bilge until a boisterous sail last night, tacking into a 20kt wind. Found at least  10-12 liters there.  It's only barely salty to taste.  We haven't been running the AC, so guessing it's one of the supply lines for sink or shower.  Maybe it accumulated outboard of one of the stringers, then sloshed inboard when heeled?  Would that help diagnose where the leak is?
I've looked at the aft cabin side of the wall where the shower is, no evidence of a leak there.  Do I need to remove the shower valve assembly? Is there a space between the shower wall and the aft cabin wall?
Likewise no evidence of leak where the lines enter the bulkhead from the engine room to the aft sink.  Is this a double-walled bulkhead with a space between?
Thanks for any insight.
Kent & Iris

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