Re: Main Outhaul gearbox ware to buy

Bill Kinney


You have motor/gearbox units that were made by LeRoy Somers in France OR Bonfiglioli in Italy.  Amel switched back and forth between these suppliers during the SM production run, and I do not know which your boat is supplied with.  Both manufacturers still make these units as standard parts, and it will be cheaper to order them through the standard industrial distribution channels.  There is a catch however.  Although these are catalog items, they are also one of hundreds of variations and are built to order, and deliveries stretch out into several months the last I checked.

Amel typically maintains a stock of a few of these on their shelves.  When we needed one, we were more than willing to pay the extra cost to Amel for the convenience of having one delivered in days instead of months and being sure we got the right part.

For your information the jib furler is  an Amel bespoke part, and no longer manufactured.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Annapolis, MD, USA.

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