Re: Opacmare - replacing sensor

Scott SV Tengah


Like you, I have spent lots of money making this thing work. I have sort of given up after spending around half of what you spent. It sounds like you were more determined that I was!

Now it's working 90% correct but I have a very odd problem. Earlier, when the sensors didn't work, the passerelle wouldn't operate in the direction that is sensed by the faulty sensor. I presume this was a safety measure.

Currently, the problem is that it will NOT automatically retract and lower itself to fit into the fiberglass slot in the stern if I try to use the rotate button to bring the passerelle into the boat.

In other words, when I'm about to leave the marina and the passerelle is fully extended and tilted a bit higher than parallel with the water, the passerelle will happily rotate towards the boat even though it clearly would not fit into the fiberglass slot in the stern in the extended/raised position! I need to retract it manually and lower it to match the slot manually.

As a corollary, if it's safely tucked into the fiberglass slot in the stern, it will happily extend or tilt vertically, even though that would obviously damage the slot. I was just about to give up and disconnect power to it for safety reasons, but perhaps since you've become an expert at this damn thing, you could suggest a solution? I've spent enough on sensors, I'd rather not try to source some more if the problem is elsewhere.

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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