Re: What to do with LiFePO4 batteries when the boat is layed up?

Matt & Michelle Day, SM#208 SV Talia

For what it is worth....

Michelle and I just received our shipment of Victron 200Ah LiFePO4 batteries.  I measured all six of our batteries as received, and they are at an identical 48.2% SOC.  I purchased the batteries from PKYS (shipped direct from Victron).  Peter Kennedy (great technical guy to work with) ensured I purchased a small Victron battery charger to fully charge each battery individually prior to install.

To Scott's point, Victron is not going to have inventory age and expire in storage as an ongoing money making enterprise, and the SOC matches what all those boring peer reviewed studies say.  Just another data point worth considering.

If anyone is considering doing a LiFePO4 conversion, I would strongly recommend you read Scott's write-up, Bill Kinney's post, and then the peer reviewed papers.  The lithium conversion world is the wild west right now, with multiple companies selling silly "drop-in" full conversion batteries.  You are ultimately changing the power distribution architecture of your boat which has significant life safety risk.  Finding the right experienced technical resources has been challenging for us.  One can easily see why insurance companies are nervous, and I suspect redneck engineered conversions will be a fun new topic of new used boat sales in the near future.   

Matt & Michelle Day
SV Talia
Hampton, VA

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