Re: Opacmare - replacing sensor

Arno Luijten

Hi Paul,

Fair question. 

Actually I have been considering to enhance the system using an Arduino controller or similar. But builing something like that and also making it reliable takes time and I had other priorities. 

The passerelle has several flaws, not only the electronics. 

I don’t think the sensors themselves are bad design. The connectors and wireing is more of a problem. 

The current control system is crude but does the job. If improvements are made it would be in adding sensors and automate the closure/opening sequence a bit more. 

In the end it would add a fairly limited amount of functionality. For me it would be more a challenge to do so then a solution to a problem. So maybe I will take it on at some point but not now. 

The main problem with the thing is the ingress of salt water in the rotational actuator. I had to replace mine at 6k$ cost. Protecting it totally from seawater is not so easy. 

Kind regards,

Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

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