Re: Opacmare - replacing sensor

Wolfgang Weber

Hello Arno ,
these sensors are induction nearing sensors from  Pepperl and Fuchs. They  have all datasheets on the Webside available in many languages. My up/down sensor was labeled  NBB4-12GM30-E2 . Switching distance is 4 mm , so I adjusted them very near to the sensing metal which gives the right position to turn the gangway in to resting position.
As you mentioned the big problem for the gangway is  saltwater between the stainless passarelle and the rotating actuator. You see on my picture that I cut the white nylon-cover and pressed grease in each screw-hole . For this  procedure all screws had to be loosened for 3 mm and fill one screw-hole with WD40 and later grease, fasten the screw and by the time  grease will come out at the borders. I hope this will  keep me away from buying a new rotating  part for 6k.
The  opacmare company was no help ! Now answer a lot of contacts by email.
The man who  works for  opacmare service in La Rochelle told me that they often change the hydraulic oil due to  rusty ironparts from the rotary actuator and that these parts may  block the mechanical switches.
 Wolfgang   SY ELISE Amel 54#162 La Rochelle

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