Re: SM cockpit upholstery #solution


I have put my mainsail 
boom 13 cm upper , with the welding of a new aluminium part . The technician stay in Greece,  at Chalkida. 
And now, it is very great to stay up below the bimini. The height is now 185 cm....

SM 214     Yamas
now in Creta

Le dim. 3 oct. 2021 à 10:50, JOSE PRIETO <prietomd11@...> a écrit :
Good morning Amelians,
Any suggestion for a comfortable and practical upholstery for the SM cockpit? I saw one Delos Chanel an interesting solution, but I cannot identify the type of material used.


Jose Prieto
SV Wayag, SM 323
Currently Cartagena, Spain

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