Re: SM2K Sail Drive Water Ingress (minor)

Stefan Jeukendrup

Hi Rick, 

Sounds familiar, replacing the big hose clamps on the hose of the C-drive top: but still water collecting there.

In my case the water turned out to come from the aft shower drain.
In my case I mounted an inline siphon in series with the seacock of the shower drain. That gets rid of any bilge smell in aft cabin and "extends" the hose.

Hope this helps you,

Stefan Jeukendrup
sv Malaka Queen
SM2k #348 @ Northern Ireland

Op 3 okt. 2021 14:14 schreef Rick Stanley <rstanley907@...>:

Hey everyone we splashed last week after an extended stay on the hard and noticed a minor leak around the base of the sail drive, where the shaft passes through the hull. When I say minor leak, I mean maybe 1/4 cup of water over 3-4 days. There are 2 hose clamps around the base of the sail drive shaft, tightening those slightly had no effect that I could see, the water is still coming in at about the same rate.

Any thoughts on how to resolve this?


Rick & Meadow
S/V Althea, SM2K #317
Rock Hall, MD

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