Re: Climma air conditioning unit

Barry Connor

Hi Paul, 
My problem was sea growth in the pipes. Had the local very knowledgeable Caraibe Refrigeration run an acid mixture round the A/C and Refrigeration pipes, took a few hours. Unbelievable difference. Don’t think it has ever been done since 2006.
Sorry they couldn’t give me any advice about your fan issue. Good that you got someone local. Where is Fortunate? 

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My fwd and two saloon systems are compact and my aft system is a split system all with independent fans. I have had technical advice from a service technician that inspected the issue and he believes it is a faulty relay. He suggests a new control board or if possible to have the relay replaced.

I am hoping to have the faulty relay replaced as a new board is an expensive solution but maybe my only option.

thank you for your response 

regards Paul- Fortuna II Amel 55 #17

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