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Ann-Sofie, S/Y Lady Annila <ann-sofie@...>

We have all wooden floors on our SM 232, from 1998. There is no particular maintenance on it. We  have oiled it once or twice since 2006 when we bought Lady Annila. No trouble with footprints and we wash it with normal floor cleaning liquid  and water. 

SM2k also have wooden floor except on the steps on the ”ladder” and the lid to the floor compartments that is made of GRP.

Ann-Sofie & Jonas
S/Y Lady Annila SM232, 1998
In Portimão, Portugal

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Quick question if I may, are A54 floor boards made from wood or some faux wood? If wood curious to know why SM2K were done in GRP and later went back to wood panels. 
I like GRP on SM2K, I feel wood panels will need constant maintenance given salt water and foot traffic environment. 

On the other hand I see A54s pics with floor boards in a good shape, is there a trick at keeping them "like new"?



(still looking for one)

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