Re: A54 floor boards

Martin Birkhoff

Hi Ruslan,

the floor boards of our 54 are made of panels of plywood. The surfaces of the panels are coated by synthetic material. More or less undestroyable. It may happen that the edges become loose after years but they can be glued to the plywood again easily. For design reasons Amel added some wood mouldings (mahagony). After 15 years of use these mouldings do not need any maintenance. (You could treat them with furniture polish.)

As long as I know the second windlass was an extra. But I´m not sure. The strange thing when we got our boat in 2016 was: Obviously the second windlass was never connected to the batteries and it never was mounted to the deck correctly. When I dismounted the windlass I discovered a gap of 8 mm between the GRP of the deck and the gearbox of the windlass completely filled with aluminum oxide. 

Mago del Sur - 54#40
currently Mahon, Menorca

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