Re: 1981 Maramu pre-survey

James Alton


  I am the owner of Maramu #220 and have the original Perkins engine.  If your engine spares are for the Series 200 model of the 4-154 I am interested  if they if they are not already spoken for.  

   We love our 1987 Maramu.  We have looked at some of the earlier Maramu's and have been impressed by the build quality.

James and Joann
SV Sueno
Currently in Vonista Greece

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From: Lance Leonard <Elscubano@...>
Date: 10/6/21 7:51 PM (GMT+02:00)
Subject: Re: [AmelYachtOwners] 1981 Maramu pre-survey

We own hull#135. On the hard in Maine right now undergoing a repower. I would check for water intrusion under the aft berth and around the salon port lights. We don’t have in mast furling so not much I can say there. The original Amel main power switch was problematic on our boat. Mostly due I think because of some  under size and hinkey wiring. The Perkins has been reliable until recently (exhaust in the freshwater cooling). Definitely pay for an oil analysis, this would have saved us a 30k repower. Also the 4.154 has no glow plugs, it uses a heater in the intake manifold, make sure it’s working properly if you plan to sail in higher latitudes.The aft head was a direct overboard installation so we added an electro scan (which I don’t recommend in brackish water). I don’t know the age of your rigging, but check for candy striping. Pull the access cover on the water tank and check for goo (access in back of galley table). As we are repowering I have new in the box spares if you decide to keep the Perkins. PM me for details.

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