Re: Retractable bow thruster maintenance on a Sharki

James Alton


   Congratulations on your new Sharki!  The bow thruster on my Maramu was also stuck in a similar fashion when we bought our boat.  I would urge patience in dealing with this problem rather than using a lot of force.  I used a rawhide  (non metal,) hammer to tap the interface while spraying lots of PB Blaster.  Letting the penetrant soak and coming back to it to try again the next day.  It took about 5 days but finally there was some movement and finally removal with no damage.  Once all surfaces were cleaned up and greased future removals require someone below the bow thruster to catch it when the last bolt is removed.  I remove the bow thruster, change the oil and seals at each haulout, it is so easy to do now.  These just need regular servicing.  Best of luck to you.

SV Sueno
Vonista, Greece

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Hola from Spain,

This summer my wife and took over an Amel Sharki, so happy to be part of the wonderful group now :-). Unfortunately the bow thruster has no propeller so we got a new one from Maud of Amel as well as a service kit. The assembly requires separating the lower part with the gearbox and the upper part with the motor. Somehow there is a lot of corrosion and the parts have grown together. Is there a trick to separate them again? Does anyone have similar experiences? Does anybody has disassembled the motor and might have some tipps?

Best regards, 

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