Re: 1981 Maramu pre-survey

Dennis Johns

I can see a couple of things from the pictures:

1) Bow thruster is not Amel, so you need to find out the maintenance schedule for that.
2) The in-mast furling is probably not Amel, so you will need to find out the source for that equipment and the maintenance schedule (in mast furling motors and gears seem to appear on the owners site often).
3)  The back stay has been modified -I would be concerned about the mounting points (chainplates?)
4)  Looks like a single purchase on the main sheet to the boom.  As the 2004 refit included in-mast furling, I assume the boom is new.  My boom broke in half on our shake down cruise due to metal fatigue at that mid-boom single purchase.  I'd add one or more blocks to the boom.
5)  Could not see the windlass.  If it's original, it's 40+ years old and will probably need service or replacement soon.
6)  Older/outdated electronics may need upgrades and did not see much in the cockpit dash (radar, radio remote, autopilot).
7)  I didn't see a liferaft?

Comments on your comments:
1)  Failed headliner happened with every Maramu.  It's just a question of how you fix it.  The best ways are usually the most expensive and time consuming.
2)  Looks like the gooseneck is ok but the mizzen boom bracket needs new rivets -not a big deal
3)  Pealing varnish around window is more likely from sun exposure than a leak -not uncommon.
4)  Bolts on headliner are a result of running rigging being run back to the cockpit -they were originally only run to the base of the mast (I have the same on my boat)   Should not be an issue as they are in a corner and not in a traffic area.
5)  I just repowered.  My 4-154 had 11,000 hours on it and was still running just fine.  Got a deal on a new Volvo-Penta engine and just went for it.  7,000 hrs is only middle age but have a mechanic do a proper evaluation and then change the oil every 100 hrs.

The interior looked mostly original to me and in good shape.

Possible issues:
Bilge pump(s):  Looks like you have the original two.  Make sure the high water bilge pump audible alarm works..
Fresh water tank:  If it has been standing with water in it, it will need to be power-washed and chlorinated -need to remove the dining table and access panels for this.
Someone already mentioned the through hulls but that should be covered by the surveyor.
Holding tank:  Is the macerator mounted low to the tank or high?  If high, it will fail because it does not like to draw to prime.
Fuel tank.  My stainless steel tank was just replaced because of leaks after 40 years.  They don't last forever.  It can be removed/replaced through the companionway -don't let anyone tell you it can't.
Engine spare parts:  The ones I found most critical (stopped us from going anywhere) were starter motor and raw water pump.  Malfunctioning ones can be rebuilt but it's a lot easier to just swap them out and wait for a convenient time to have them fixed/replaced.


On Wed, Oct 6, 2021 at 1:25 AM Ben Levy <benjamin.levy@...> wrote:
Thank you for all your reply.
Bill Rouse's pre-purchase consulting package seems like an amazing idea. Unfortunately it seems like he is no longer offering this service for Amel's older than 1988 (please correct me if I'm wrong).
Here is a link to a photo album with photos of the maramu. A mixed bag of photos we took during our first visit and the photos provided by the broker.

And here is the listing from the broker (in French though):

What I could see is the following:
the lining inside is coming unglue in places (aesthetic)
the gooseneck of the mizzen is coming loose (critical)
the varnish near ONE window is pilling off (aesthetic)
I was wondering about the bolts for the winch and the stoppers showing up on top of the lining 
The engine has nearly 7000h and is original 

Couldn't find much else to complain about but I didn't take everything apart either.. planning on doing that during the next visit (which is now scheduled for Saturday).

I also know that in 2000 it went trough an extensive anti-osmosis treatment from a professional company (traitement curatif par pelage du gelcoat ... pealing of the gelcoat?)
In 2010, the mast was removed to fix an issue of electrolysis at the bottom of the mast (between the mast and the deck of the boat)
The in-mast furling was added in 2004
Fridge replaced in 2003
One blackwater tank added in 2010

That's about all I know at this stage.

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