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James Alton


   Many thanks for the inspiration to look into rebuilding our D4.  I hope to remove and inspect it over the weekend.    Would you happen to know if service parts are still available for these older D4 heaters?  

   BTW, there seem to be quite a few Sharki's in the Preveza Greece area, really nice boats!


SV Sueno
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Hi James, my 1983 D4 still works,we just had to change the glow plug and off it went after at least 6 years un used. The exhaust has been repaired at some stage with a car repair kit. But it works well.
Mark Porter 
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Mark Porter

On Thu, 7 Oct 2021, 17:54 James Alton via, <> wrote:
   Another very Happy Maramu owner here.  I was wondering if you would be willing to spare some of your experience  with the Maramu diesel heater?  My wife and I will wintering in the Med this year so things will be much improved if we can get a heater running on our boat.  Our boat appears to have the original Eberspacher D4 diesel heater.  I have no experience with this type of heater so any advice is appreciated.  I have not tried the heater yet to see if it works.  Perhaps the first question is whether  a 1987 heater potentially serviceable/desirable or should I be ordering a new unit?  I don't mind doing some service work but I would like to ultimately end up with a reliable unit.  If a new unit, can anyone suggest the best option for a Maramu?  Thanks for any help.
James Alton
Maramu #220 Sueno

On Thu, Oct 7, 2021 at 5:34 PM, Steve Hoefel
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Own Maramu #25 and have the same behind the mast in-mast furling on the boat you are considering.  Bamar is the company that did the installation, mine is manually raised via lines running to the cockpit.  Denis hit most of the subjects I saw, but an additional three would be:
  1. Check Diesel Heater in the cockpit above the deep locker
  2. Replacement refrigerator is smaller than the 4.2cu feet original.  Water or air cooled.  I didn’t see a compressor in the engine room so probably air cooled.  Where is the compressor?
  3. During your on the water survey check/discuss the passive prop shaft generator
Good luck with the sale.  Maramus forever!!
Steve Hoefel
s/v Trident Star
Maramu #25
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