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How to wire the battery bank can certainly be debated and the "expert" Nigel Calder will tell you the Henri Amel method is wrong. Others will try to convince you of this also. But, I have been on the other end of a conversation with a panicked owner with a shorted battery. With Henri's method, it is very easy to explain how to remove a pair of batteries. With Nigel Calder's method, it is nearly impossible to explain how to isolate a problem battery. I think I know why Henri made his decision.

Who's method is better? Actually, Nigel Calder's method is technically better in terms of battery balance and may result in 1-5% longer life, but do not call me when you have a problem. I believe that 1-5% improvement is not worth the risk unless you are very familiar with the wiring you choose, as some of you are.😀 I chose not to use Nigel Calder's method.

I am sure that you understand what I am saying.


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On Mon, Oct 11, 2021 at 8:02 AM Jamie Wendell <mysticshadow54@...> wrote:
Bill, can you elaborate on your setup. The way you show the drawing it appears as if you actually have 36 volts per "leg" vs 24 volts. I may be misunderstanding the drawing, but I doubt that is the case.
Either way, the issue with series connections is that you have to ensure all in-series batteries are balanced. That is one of the main reasons to limit the number of batteries connected in series, and is a strong incentive to go with 24-volt batteries if possible.
I know that the Fireflys are 12 volts.
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