Net call - potential water ingress point on all Super Maramus

Marty Crighton

Hello all,
We are relatively new owners of our SM. This community has been a fantastic resource and was one of the reasons we decided to purchase an Amel. (There is great comfort in numbers and even more when those numbers are other owners all of whom have far more knowledge and wisdom and are willing to share.)
In keeping with that tradition I want to alert all SM owners of an issue we found that I suspect exists across the fleet, and one I have not seen addressed recently in this forum. The issue is standing water in the engine room exhaust cavity inside/under the portside cockpit combing. On our boat the drain hole for that cavity is just behind the aft-most hinge of the portside cockpit locker. However that is not the lowpoint in that cavity. The low point is the corner just aft of the drain hole where the cavity, combing and bulkhead meet. This creates space for water to stand.
The second issue discovered is that the bond between the cavity, the combing, and the bulkhead is an adhesive bond. On the inside the corners/edges are not glassed. On our boat that adhesive bond began to fail and that led to water damage along the bulkhead in the aft head. Given the hidden point of the water ingress there was no way to fix the issue until there was visible damage.
This potential weak point is well hidden. I'll leave it to those much smarter and experienced with these great boats to explain why a vent cover was not installed, but based on the standing water we found in that cavity, and the condition of the adhesive we are installing a vent cover to limit the amount of rain water that accumulates.
We did a week of testing to determine how much water gets into that cavity under normal conditions and found it to be significant. In a steady rain the inboard edge will collect over a 1/4 inch of water in 30 min. 
Based on the age of these boats thought those who were not aware might benefit from what we have found and learned and would be grateful for any insights anyone has as to further prevention. 

Marty and Angela Crighton
Nada, SM2K #327

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