Re: Net call - potential water ingress point on all Super Maramus

Marty Crighton

Craig - sound advice, thanks. We will add that to our preventative measures.
Still can't see any good reason to have an opening like that in the first place without a vent cover. In our testing it was surprising how fast and how much rain water runs into and through that compartment. Even if one gets the boat better balanced, when the adhesive bond breaks down, and it will at some point, there will be water ingress and no one will be the wiser until it is too late. Between that compartment and the bulkhead there are significant voids many filled with foam. In fact there is foam partially filling the void just behind the corner aft of the drain hole. That foam buts up against naked ply in the bulkhead.. Once that foam is saturated water has unlimited and long lasting contact with ply causing damage without any visible signs to an owner.

Nada, SM2K #327

On Mon, Oct 11, 2021, 17:06 Craig Briggs via <> wrote:
Hi Marty,
Sounds like the notorious "Amel stern squat" may be causing water to pool in the aft portion of the vent compartment - often exacerbated by "stuff" on the stern (arch, davits, outboard in rear lazarett). Add 10 shots of anchor chain forward and see if it fixes it. 
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