Re: WaterLift Muffler for Volvo

Bill Kinney

We have finished the swap of the old Amel bespoke water lift with a Vetus LSG on our Volvo TMD22. A very simple change. If this comes up for anybody else this might save a bit of research time.

We put a rubber pad between the Vetus and the engine frame and strapped the unit tightly to the frame using the straps supplied by Vetus.  We added an additional rubber pad between the water lift and the hull. In case it does settle and touch the hull,this should reduce any chafing. 

A single Trident Rubber 3 1/2” 90 deg elbow connects the engine exhaust elbow to the water lift.

Our connection between the engine is 3 1/2”, the hoses from the outlet of the water lift on are all 3”.  As far as we found the muffler is only sold with identical inlet and outlet fittings.  But extra fittings are sold, and are all interchangeable. 

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