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I know this 54. You have a big job ahead of you. The original 12v alternator would have been attached to the engine by Volvo, and the isolation ground wired by Volvo France. But since there was nothing special about the 12v alternator, call your Volvo dealer with the model and serial number. They will be able to help you. Hopefully, important parts like C-Drive shafts and the AutoProp did not suffer too much electrolysis. 

You should check with Volvo, but I think that your D3 originally came with Volvo Penta Alternator part number 8676498. Here are some that match 8676498

Be sure to check that 8676498 is the correct number and that it is isolated ground.


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On Wed, Oct 13, 2021 at 1:35 PM Ian Fraser <keyproperties@...> wrote:
We are slowly working through the rehabilitation of our recent purchase of an Amel 54. This community has been an invaluable source of great advice and I'm constantly amazed at the body of knowledge and cooperation amongst Amelians! Thank you.

Grateful if anyone can advise a source for a replacement 12V alternator for Volvo D3 on Amel 54 #009. It looks like the previous owner of our A54 replaced the original with an alternator that cannot be isolated from the bonding. In other words there's no negative terminal and the alternator picks up the -ve from a case connection. The previous owner bridged the -ve start solenoid and therefore defeated the 12V -ve isolation from bonding.

Any suggestion would be gratefully received.

Ian Fraser
A54 #009

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