Re: which pump?

Mike Longcor (SV Trilogy)

I'll add that we do not use an accumulator. The variable speed pumps don't need them. I've heard mixed reports about whether or not an accumulator actually messes up the operation of a variable speed pump. At any rate, it's just one more thing on a boat... simplify whenever possible.

Mike Longcor
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On Sat, Oct 16, 2021, 7:21 AM SV Trilogy <svtrilogy53@...> wrote:
Hi Eric,

We've been using the Jabsco Vflo 5.0 (42755-0094) for years now without pressure issues or leaking fittings. It's factory shutoff pressure is actually 60psi. The pressure set screw can be adjusted. The pressures created by the hot water boiler when it heats up cold water and no faucet is opened seem much higher anyway.

You should be fine installing your Shurflo 55. It will move more water so be aware of that when you turn things on wide open.

Mike Longcor
SV Trilogy SM23

On Fri, Oct 15, 2021, 11:50 AM Eric Freedman <kimberlite@...> wrote:
My domestic water pump just died it is a Jabsco pup rated at 40 psi.
I was happy with the water volume.

I have on board a Sureflow rated at 55 psi and more volume.

I had bought it a while ago and then realized that the original Amel pump was not rated at such a high pressure.
I wonder what the group thinks of using this pump. If I recall a few owners use the 55 psi pump.

Fair Winds
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Dear jose
Cala Galera is the best place
You can ask for a berth to agenzia pianelli Cell 0039 0564 832344 Br Antonio
Sn108 vagabundo
Cala Galera

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> Dear Jose,
> Welcoming place the Tuscany coast for Amelians. During my cruising, I
> found Amel boats and knowledgeable owners based there in three
> consecutive marinas: Cala Dei Medici, San Vincenzo and Salivoli. I
> never wintered there but it I had the Impression of a degree of
> familiarity with the brand  also on the part of technician and service
> personnel Bests, Paolo Cuneo SM 454 Whisper
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