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Hello Seckin.
We did the hardtop for our SM last spring with the invaluable help and advice of our friends from Laddy Anilla. It cost us around 6000, canvas, inox and solar panels included. I can share the expenses in detail, if you want.
Alendoy SM314

El lun., 18 oct. 2021 15:19, Seckin Barlas <seckinbar@...> escribió:
Dear Amelian Friends;
I hope all of you had a good season.
This year we sail in Turkish coast in Marmaris - gökova - Gocek.
We spent about 90 days at sea. (ıt is quite long for us as a young family of 3, had a school age girl at 5 years old) 

I wonder about HARDTOP project that is last been discussed in january.

Is there any other friends who implemented hardtop for their boat this summer?

I wonder about the price of the hardtop from those who had previously assembled. (and also the pictures please…)

Best regards;

On 26 Jan 2021, at 12:29, Philippe Chatton <chattonp960@...> wrote:

Hi everyone
I noticed that several SM owners seem to have an interest in a hard top - including myself.
At one point in time we might consider a group order, assuming we can identify a model / manufacturer, and should an interest be confirmed.  
Kind regards
S/V Chameleon - Antibes FR

Le lun. 25 janv. 2021 à 21:54, Annsofie & Jonas Svanberg <ann-sofie@...> a écrit :
Hi Mohammed
I have got some requests for more pictures. I will put a .pdf together showing it. Just give me a day or two.

The original roof is made by a friend if us and is a sandwich construction with divinycell inbetween the GRP.

S/Y Lady Annila
SM 232, 1998
Present in Algarve, Portugal 

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25/01/2021 kl. 19:17 skrev Mohammad Shirloo <mshirloo@...>:

Hello Halsinger;


Nice looking hard top. Do you have more pictures and/or videos that show more detail?


Where did you have this top fabricated?


Happy Sailing;



Mohammad and Aty

B&B Kokomo

AMEL 54 #099


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Here is our hard top on S/Y Lady Annila, SM 232.


It has been there since 2010 and during 2020 we hade it renovated. On top we have 2 solar panels 364 W each. (And an orher three on the arch)




S/Y Lady Annila

SM 232, 1998



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25/01/2021 kl. 17:36 skrev VICTOR MOLERO <victor.moleroxx@...>:

Congratulations! I love it!

Do you, or anyone, know if the solution is feasible for a Super Maramu 2000? Any idea about the cost?

It's a wonderful improvement, very well thought out.

Thanks for sharing.


SM314 Alendoy

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