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The Amel 50, 60, 55, 54, SM & others have a gray water tank that is filled by gravity-drained gray water. The tank has an automatic pump which pumps gray water overboard.

Sooner or later you will sell your Amel. Modifications contrary to long-standing Amel design that you might consider smart will be looked at by a large number of buyers as devaluing the Amel.

So, maybe it isn't smart. 


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On Mon, Oct 18, 2021, 10:53 AM Joan Blaas <joan.blaas@...> wrote:

I learned that the Amel 50 has a separate grey water tank.

"All tankage is housed under the cockpit sole, including a grey water tank set in the bilge sump, which collects waste from all sinks and showers, serviced by a float switch for automatic emptying. This system ensures a dry, clean bilge elsewhere".

Have you considered copying this setup? Or does anyone has images / drawings of the grey water system on an Amel 50?

Have considered copying that solution?

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