Re: Hardtop for Amel 54 and SM

Ann-Sofie, S/Y Lady Annila

It was the best solution so far, but I have some thoughts.
1. It is to low
2. You can’t open up forward, where the wind comes from
3. With the hatch in the roof, you have taken away the best position for solarpanels.

S/Y Lady Annila, SM232, 1998

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19/10/2021 kl. 16:41 skrev Steve Bell s/y Dusk SM378 via <stevect@...>:
Hi All.
Watch this youtube video I think it's one of the best hard tops I have seen Jump to the 
12 minute mark to see it.
Not sure which boat it is maybe someone out there can find out and who built it for them .

SM 378

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