Re: Hardtop for Amel 54 and SM

Brent Cameron

I quite like the extended side curtains on that video for the Super Maramu.  The 54 doesn’t really need that as they seemed to make them just a bit longer.  This is one of the best that I’ve seen.  I only understand a bit of French but from what I can gather, he had it built to his design (shows the drawings).  It is very much like a factory A55 hard top as the inside is as pretty and well done as the exterior with solar panels and a port light to see the mainsail built in. Soleil Bleu has since changed owners so not sure if the previous owner is still reachable.

On Oct 19, 2021, 11:41 AM -0400, Steve Bell s/y Dusk SM378 via <stevect@...>, wrote:
Hi All.
Watch this youtube video I think it's one of the best hard tops I have seen Jump to the 
12 minute mark to see it.
Not sure which boat it is maybe someone out there can find out and who built it for them .

SM 378

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