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Mohammad Shirloo

We flush the bilge several times with water and dish washing liquid once or twice every season and we do not have any issues with smell. I pour dish washing liquid in the bilge and leave the water hose running. This creates a large foam volume in the bilge. While the bilge pump runs, I also pump the manual pump that extracts all the solids from the bottom. I usually spend 2-4 hours a season on this task. In my opinion, the design is sound and eliminating this task by making an additional hole in the hull, creates more issues than it solves.


Also, as Bill stated, If I were looking at purchasing another Amel, this modification would certainly weigh heavily on the negative side.


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The other advantage of the Amel 50/60 grey water tank vs. the prior models’ grey water in the bilge is that the tank doesn’t smell as it is hermetically sealed.  At least, that’s the theory.  So presumably you can wait longer to clean the tank …..

This summer, we used the cockpit drain on the starboard side for the first time to dispose of left over food stuff.  The problem is that whatever you throw down there has the tendency of ending up on the cockpit door which slides down into the space by the drain.  But one could put a board there to close the space off from the cockpit door.  Another option I’m considering.  Thanks everyone for your thoughts.  I would love to hear from the A55 owner who put in the through hull.  Does it gurgle like on Mark’s SM?  


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