Re: Autopilot drive on a Amel Maramu 46ft

Warren Traill <trailz@...>

Thanks for that info Volker.
I also have a Sharki. Hull#15.
Could you give me the model # of the Raymarine unit you use with the Jefa drive?
And any photo of the set up in the compartment above the sink would be really helpful also.
I have no autopilot at all.

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On 17 Oct 2021 12:39 am, Volker <Puchta@...> wrote:
we do have a Sharki snd did install the second autpilot in the aft compartment as a complete independent drive from our old 6000 system.
The second system is a Raymarine with a Jefa drive. We are very pleased with its performance.

Mickmoon, Sharki hull 176

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