Re: Preapring your Amel for the Winter in freezing temperatures

Drew Gaffney

We had sub-0 temps wintering over in Norfolk VA and Holland.  Drinking water lines and tank can be emptied, sea water lines can be filled with anti-freeze.  The watermaker needs food-grade propylene glycol.  We bought it in 5 gal containers (wholesale food supply companies).  I think we used 60% (verify that), changed all the filters.
We had an extra hose w valve in engine room to suck water from a 5g bucket rather than the seawater chest.  That allows antifreeze to be pulled into toilets, engine, generator, and all 3  A/C units.
Don't forget P-traps in sinks and shower drains.
Hope you are enjoying your new Amel.

Drew Gaffney
SV Revelation SM390
Lying Carloforte, Sardinia

On Tue, Oct 19, 2021, 07:54 EricOpdeweegh <sv.abayomi@...> wrote:
Dear fellow Amalians,

We are new in the Amel family since this summer and wonder if there are any of you familiar with te best way to prepare for the European winter ( freezing temperatures) while staying in the water.
Maybe even some of the Amel owners in The Netherlands could comment or assist?
Do you empty all your water lines, water tank? Ant freeze in your volvo and generator? Aircon spilt units? etc etc
Or do you in some way heat your boat/engine room? What to do you do when heating while you are not on board

Appreciate some advise and/or suggestions.

Best Regards

Eric and Els Opdeweegh
sv Abayomi , SM 158
Currently in The Netherlands

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