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Paul , 

When we bought Pen Azen as a new boat we had Amel add a short length of stainless pipe to the hole where the forward drain spills into the bilge . That allows us to cover the end of the pipe with a piece of nylon stocking . That catches all the gunk and we change it every 2-3 weeks 
We also do the same to the end of the hose from the aft heads. 
You will be surprised at how much stuff we catch that way— or maybe you won’t ! 
The idea was given to us by a Swiss lady who owned a Sharki

Ian and Judy , Pen Azen , SM 302, Greece

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Has anyone considered interjecting something akin to a grease trap between the sink outlet and the drain pipe leading to the bilge? 
Inserting such a device could result in collecting food rescue etc in a container under the sink and avoid getting it into the bilge.
A simple course filter type system might just do the trick.

Paul Harries
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