GE 4953 Aircraft sealed beam light LED replacement #replacement

Slavko Despotovic


I have changed 2 of this in one year. Browsing trough SVB on line have found AQUA SIGNAL LED Bulb ( . Diameter of LED is 110mm and GE 4953 is 114mm. It is possible to order  KIEL LED Floodlight / white 
but it look very similar to one that is already installed on mizzen mast. My lamp is ok so I do not need to change it. I would change only the bulb. There is 4 mm difference and I am not sure if the LED diameter is not to small. Have anyone done this replacement or is the best to replace all together for LED Floodlight. 
There is main mast LED lamp LED Masthead Light / Floodlight S43 / white 
from the same supplier. Looks good but expensive. Anyone installed one on main mast?

Thank you.

SM 2000
#279 Bonne Anse in Umag

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