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Eric Freedman <kimberlite@...>

I use a piece of pvc pipe to seat the rings (I now have 5 rings).

It is the same diameter piece of pipe I use to seat the lip seals on the “C” drive. I use a small sledgehammer and lubricant around the edges to seat them. I have had no problem installing all of them. After a while I get a little seepage and I just use my wrench to tighten the nut and all is well again.

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Hi Bob,
Last time I did it....8 years ago ??  I used 5/16" which is pretty close to 8mm.
I remember it was quite difficult to compress the three rings enough to get the nut to start.
I eventually took out the topmost ring and screwed the nut down on the first two, took out the nut and then put the last one in.
I think that would be near impossible if the packing was 10mm   
Elyse SM437

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