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I agree completely. The SM is great, the 54 better, and if Amel had used Reckmann, maybe the 54 would be best.


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Reading this thread, I thought I might add a few words here, as I have an Amel 54 which I absolutely love. While I like some of the "features" of the 55 (and yes even the 50 which would be out of my realm), I cannot think of a better boat than the 54. The SM would be a close second to me, but the interior layout of the 54 pushed me there when I saw my first 54 in the US Virgins about 6 years ago. I have never seen another boat with those separated seats in the saloon - really fantastic - kind of like "theatre seats."
I will also say that in the 3 rallies to and from the Caribbean I have been in, we were first across the finish line in the BVIs in one case and second (to a Gunboat 60) in another trip. I have had crew tell me they have never sailed that fast. Most boats in that size range cannot keep up.
So, not to disrupt the analysis, ANY Amel would be the best you can do IMHO.
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