Re: [Amel] Super Maramu insurance, Atlantic crossing and Caribbean?

Jean Boucharlat


Try the following agent ;

Assurances Maritimes Alain de Lassée

Le Sextant – Port des Minimes

BP 66

17003 La Rochelle Cedex

Tel +33.5 4645 4645

Fax +33.5 4644 1126

They usually place their policies with Swiss Life (although they may have
changed with time) and I found them reasonable and very knowledgeable about
Amel boats. I did insure my boat with them, but this dates back a couple
years so one never knows for sure.

Jean Boucharlat
(Formerly SM 232)

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Subject: [Amel] Super Maramu insurance, Atlantic crossing and Caribbean?

I am new to the forum, and I am (hopefully) in the process of purchasing a
19 year old Super Maramu.
We are heading from Europe to the Caribbean next fall, and my current
insurer is quite crazy on the cost of insuring this boat.
Paying around EUR 7.000 per year is way over the limit for me (this is from
Who can tell me of a good and reliable insurer, and give an indication of
the cost for the Atlantic/Caribbean coverage?
I expect the insured value to be around 200-250.000 EURO.
There must be an insurer specialized in Amel boats, maybe a french one?
Merry christmas to all.

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