Re: FW: Comparing Amel Super Maramu to the Amel 54 & 55

Scott SV Tengah

I agree that Amel made a big mistake using the Bamar MEJ furlers on the 54. Both our staysail and Genoa furlers failed shortly after we bought the boat. The top seal was poorly designed, dries out and the furlers each had half a liter or more of water in them.

The replacement Bamar EJF are better, although not perfect. The Genoa EJF furler failed a few months after install due to a manufacturing defect (replaced by Bamar under warranty, thankfully) and they inexplicably have aluminum sandwiched right next to stainless, which causes the pretty black paint to bubble right off.

Jamie did it right by biting the bullet, opening his wallet wide and replacing his Bamar with Reckmann. That said, our EJF have performed flawlessly since Feb 2019 despite the paint bubbling.

Bruno - I am curious what other electrical safety measures Amel introduced with the 55 that do not exist on the earlier boats? Many of us have modified the electrical system on our boats quite a bit to accommodate lithium, so I'd love to hear what else we can do to improve the safety of our systems. I added three fuses, one 450amp for each 12v pair, to the battery bank. It has already saved us once when a marine electrician forgot to turn off the main switches when repairing the bow thruster. 

We looked at the 55 during our boat buying process and the layout change did not suit OUR needs. We are mostly double handed but sometimes bring friends aboard. And they aren't always couples, so having the bunk beds was really important. And we didn't want the master suite up front. Of course, this is a personal preference. That boat is beautiful, though.

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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