Re: All that stuff hanging off the stern-- Gel batteries, solar panels and inverter - an experience

Nick Newington

I do not think it realistic to cut away a solar arch at sea in rough weather. For a start you will only cut it away when you feel that you really have to by which time it is blowing a severe gale and more.
How exactly will you cut it away?
Angle grinder?
You have to be joking…

I have a solar arch, there are two feet each side, one is fixed to the toe rail which will not give way and the other to the sloping transom which is a potential weak point. I have beefed up the backing plate area on the port side as the shore power socket is located near  with epoxy and glass. In addition I beefed up the glass where the mizzen back stays are attached both sides. I will observe for any flexing but to really beef it up I thing a foam knee should be glued and glassed between the transom and the hull. 
With this done and assuming that  no dinghy is hoisted I think that in extreme the solar panels may fly but the minimal windage of the naked arch would survive….
Sailing Turkey

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You mention designing new attachment points for your drogue, could you please elaborate and perhaps share some pictures.
Paul Harries
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