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In Antigua it is not cheap but you have excellent riggers … imagine they work often on mega sailboats with 30 meters +++ masts ( up to 50 +even )

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maybe developing a couple of written specifications for standard repair / replace big items, which we all will face one day,  to be included in the work contract would help.

We used the excellent technical information from this group e.g. Bow Thruster Repair from Nikmat to talk the task at hand  through with David and Arthur in Jolly Harbour in Antigua. They are excellent experts and didn't really need the information but they were still appreciative for the refresher. The did the work with precision in the AMEL spirit.

But we had also less good experiences with replacing some of our running rigging there with a different company. I would still like the group to come up with a reasonable way to share less good experience to alert fellow cruisers and to supervise and document every step of a known substandard shop for future work to give them a chance to improve and demonstrate that it may have been a one time flaw.
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