Re: Main Boom outhaul line and Main Boom Traveler line.

Michael & Robyn

Thank you Alan, Bill and Paul

I had installed 12mm New England Sta Set-X in Cambridge MA before we sailed to Antigua. It kept slipping for the entire trip. So I told the Rigger from English Harbour about the trouble and they installed a 10mm SK78 Dyneema  I believe from Gleitstein called DynaOne.
It slipped when we sailed from Jolly Harbour to Falmouth for check out in English Harbour. Same with the jjib cart position control line.
So I called the rigger back to the boat and they tightened the lines to the degree that I worry about excessive wear on the bearings.
It didn't fix the problem and the outhaul line slipped the whole way back to the US East Coast.
We called it the "it is time to reef the main sail alarm"....

The problem is exactly as Bill described it, the line gets pinched and slips.
When we get to boot in D├╝sseldorf next year I will do the "Bill Rouse pinch test" one every potential rope I can get my hands on.

They also had mounted the main sail so low that the foot was chafing on the Anderson Line Handler.

kind regards
Michael & Robyn

currently in Brunswick Landing Marina GA

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