Bow Thruster Travel Sensors H, B, and SP

Paul Stascavage

I am having an issue with the Bow Thruster (BT).

The other day when bringing the BT up, the buzzer did not sound however it was all the way up - in fact, it was up too much which strained the motor and caused the 10 A fuse in the control box to blow.

The BT would lower with the blown fuse, but not raise or retract.

After figuring out that it was just the fuse, I installed a new one and attempted to adjust the cable to obtain the correct height.  However, it appears that adjustment is not the issue but rather that the sensors are the problem as regardless of how much cable slack I provide, the unit attempts to raise too high

Additionally, I’m pretty sure that the other day all three sensors were lighting when moving the BT (SP & H up; SP & B down) although now only B lights when lowering the BT.

I have read all that I can in previous threads and in the Amel School book and I have looked at Duane’s wiring diagram (I can install light bulbs but not read wiring diagrams), but don’t know how to proceed.  I would like to know how to identify if the sensors are indeed bad or if they are not receiving power from the control box.  Reading about how difficult it can be to get the sensors properly positioned, I would prefer to test them in place and assume there is a way to do this by testing from the control box or at the helm station with a voltmeter.

I have attached Duane’s wiring diagram for reference and would appreciate any and all responses from those in the know.

Thank you in advance for any and all replies.

All the best,

Paul Stascavage
SM #466 - s/v Rita Kathryn
Currently Exploring Norfolk, VA

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