Re: Upgrade to Lithium batteries, detailed circuit #solution

Jose Venegas

Hello Slavko,
Ipanema was originally built for an American customer and, for that reason, AMEL added the white box outlets on the factory to allow the use of 110 V shore power via a transformer or the 220 V shore power.  I imagine most Amels buit for European owners did not have such a box.  I added the extra outlet to the box because it was the simplest way to get the 5KW inverter output into the circuit making sure that it was not going to interfere with the AMEL automatic relay connecting the Genset power but still gave power to the watermaker.  However, upon second thoughts, a manual 3 terminal switch could also have been installed on the shore power ac cable before it enters the automatic relay for the Genset power.     This would require bringing both the inverter and shore power cables to a convenient place in the boat, perhaps near the auto-pilot switch, or into a new box in the engine compartment ( less convenient but shorter cable runs).  As for the location of the 5KW inverter, I installed it on the bulkhead between the main saloon and the battery compartment.  In this way, I did not have to reduce the space for the lithium batteries. 

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