Re: Bowman DC60-XCC Transmission Oil Cooler Failure; ZF Hurth ZF 25; Yanmar 4JH3-HTE #lessons

Trevor Lusty

There are a number of cleaning products on the market that will flush crustations , mussel shells, etc from your seawater cooling system.
What none of them tell you is that well worn transmission heat exchanger units are susceptible  to the highly corrosive nature of the chemicals employed.
Which is why I spent a windless night  on the VHF screaming at shipping with nobody on watch off Acapulco  with a seized gearbox and subsequently had a new gearbox shipped from Florida - six weeks.
The good part was, collecting the gearbox from the bus station, ferried it out to the anchorage in our dinghy, hoisted it aboard on the mizzen halyard, bolted it up, slid the engine back on the runners and we were away to Costa Rica the next day.
Trevor Lusty

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