Re: Cooling Super Maramu Refrigeration Units

Michael & Robyn

Hi Paul,

we replaced all fans of our frigoboat fridges with:
epm-pabst fans 4412FGL: DC Fan, 12V, 120x120x25mm, 55.3CFM, 1.3W, 26dBA, Wire Leads
and added screens epm-pabst LZ60  to prevent the dust get into the fan itself, because that is what killed our pantry fridge fan.
We bought em here:
be careful which way you mount the screen to the fan so the blades don't scrape (ask me why I know...).
These fans are so much quieter and provide at least the same amount of airflow.

We choose to blow air outwards of the cabinets in the hopes that there is less dust coming from the bilge area.
If you would choose to blow air towards the condenser it would be easier to clean the dust off the screens with a vacuum occasionally.  If I would have to redo the fridges I would go for it.
I agree with Bill K. that the direction doesn't really matter much from an air temperature perspective. The dirt on the condenser fins is the bigger issue.

kind regards
Michael & Robyn

currently BLM Brunswick GA

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