Re: Leak at baby stay chainplate on 54

Nick Newington

I have scraped out the old sealant and recalled from the outside. You will see in the photos that there are no fasteners on the deck fitting. That there is no access from the forward head.
I have had the handle bar in the head off and it is fine. There is no electrical current leakage.
I used white exterior grade silicon outside, in the hope that it remains flexible.
I need to decide if I will cut an access panel in the head moulding. I think I will, and cover it with a polished stainless plate. Still mulling it over, maybe I will inspect the fitting when going up wind in a stiff breeze for movement.
Also photo of the staysail stay that has cover plate without fastenings. The chainplate is clearly visible in the forpeak so I have no worries there.
SY Amelia
Marmaris Turkey

On 1 Nov 2021, at 17:29, CW Bill Rouse <brouse@...> wrote:


I am not sure, but I think it may be able to be caulked on the deck. Here is a photo of an A55 staysail chainplate from inside the forward locker. The two smaller bolts are from the top fixture on deck shown in the 2nd photo. There are four of these bolts, with two inside the front locker and two on the other side of that bulkhead. I do not know how accessible the other two are, but this is what your challenge is and I would really like to know how this is going to work for you. Also, I wonder what the second small plate on the deck is for??



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On Mon, Nov 1, 2021 at 12:56 AM ngtnewington Newington via <> wrote:
We have been enjoying a couple of rainy days here in Turkey. Sometimes really heavy rain, so an opportune moment to look for leaks. Apart from some stitch holes in the spray hood we only have one.
I noticed a small puddle under the floor in forward port cabin next to the depth sounder transducer. Fresh water and a small trickle from forward. Long and short of it is that it is coming from the inner inner forstay. Then running down behind the lining and out below the cupboard in the port forward cabin. Then draining aft.
The problem is that the shower moulding hides it. What I would like to do is remove the chain plate and re-bed it. However without cutting an access hole it  is not possible.

I had the same leak a couple of years ago and bodged it by running a bead of sealant around the plate outside. Looks like I will do that again…
 Has anyone else been here? Can offer better solution?
S/Y Amelia
Marmaris bay at anchor
AML 54-019

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