Santorin helm seat support pipe loose

Craig Briggs

The support pipe for my helm seat has become quite loose and wobbly inside the bottom floor structure hole. It rotates and moves back and forth about 2-3mm, but not up and down as it seems there may be a bolt through the pipe inside the the base.

Does anyone know how it is constructed?  I haven't found any Amel drawings showing this. 

I could probably just fill the void around the pipe with epoxy, but if I could actually remove it I may rework the entire assembly to allow the seat to rotate 180° and lower to the level of the bench seating for better cockpit room. I am thinking of cutting a hole in the base to gain access but sure would like to know what I'm getting into beforehand. Any input appreciated.

Craig - SN68 Sangaris, back at Tropic Isle Harbor, FL

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