Replacement Grp 31 Batteries in the Bow


Hello all. I am looking to replace my 3 Grp 31 batteries in the Bow this season. They are sealed lead acid and were in the boat when I bought the vessel 4 years ago now. So they have lived a good life, (they were there 2 years prior wt PO). I currently have Lithium Batteries for the house Bank and sealed lead acid for engine start bank and use a DC to DC charger to manage the different charge profiles. All DC systems are 12 volt on the boat.

So I am considering using the Firefly Grp 31 batteries in the bow since the amp draw of the thruster and anchor windlass exceeds what the Lithium battery manufactures will cover under their warranty.

Any collective experience on which battery to use up there? 

1985 Amel Mango # 46

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