Mastervolt Mass 24/2500 Inverter

Doug Smith

For anyone interested, I have recently replaced my Mastervolt Mass 24/2500 inverter, and installed the Victron Quattro.  The inverter was working fine, but I wanted a larger capability for eventual lithium install.  I am located in the Chesapeake, and wanted to see if there is anyone out there interested in this device.  I actually have 2 of them, one which gives an 'overload' flashing signal and doesn't power up beyond that, and the one that I just pulled out which works fine.  You can have both, if you promise to put them to good use. Importantly, they can not be used in parallel, so you could use the second one, only for spares.  That was my reason for keeping it. 
Shipping not included, but willing to meet within reasonable distances to the Washington DC or Tidewater regions

Doug Smith

S/V Aventura, Amel 54-113 

White Point Marina, Kinsale VA USA

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